Sloan & Daugherty in early Pittsburgh area
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Year Sloan Daugherty
1837 Merchant Sloan & Coleman  
1839 John Sloan, innkeeper, cast of Canal street Daugherty:
Ellen, Liberty street.
John, clothing store, c Wood & Virgin alley
Bernard, butcher, Spring Alley
Daniel, merchant, Penn near Toll gate
Bernard, butcher, factory b Penn & Spring al
** Is this John Sloan husband of Nancy Agnes Daugherty?
1841 Jackson Sloan, carpenter  
1847 John Sloan, gro, d h Cherry ay  
** Is this John Sloan husband of Nancy Agnes Daugherty?
1850 Agnes Sloan, wid. 56 Walnut
David Sloan, coach mr. Virgin al. bet Wood & Liberty
Mrs. Mary Sloan, wid. 626 Liberty
Matthew Sloan, gent. 23 Washington
Robert J. Sloan, lab. Middle al Al.
John, carp, Allen n North Law
Grace, 298 Penn
Charles, lab, Virgin Al al
Daniel, lab, 801 Penn
Francis, clerk, Al
George, "Gen. Quitman House", 400 Liberty
Grace, wid, grocery, 801 Penn
James, carp, 15 Congress
James, lab, 65 Duncan
Jerimiah, riverman, Middle, Al
John, tavern, 43 Grant
Margaret, wid, Liberty, al
Mary, wid, c Webster & Fulton
** This is almost certainly John's widow, Nancy Agnes Daugherty. The family is found in the 1850 Census with Nancy as head - along with the children.
1854 This is a business directory that has not been searched page by page.
1856 John Sloan, gent, 101 Pike  
1859-60 Sloan Agnes, widow of John M., 588 Liberty
Sloan Ann Jane, milliner, h 23 Washington
Sloan Charles, lab, Beaver n Federal, A
Sloan David, clerk, bds Washington Hotel
Sloan Harriet, dressmaker, 23 Washington
Sloan Harriet, widow of David, h Fremont n Rebecca A
Sloan Hugh, hostler, 30 Diamond
Sloan James, drayman, Penna av n Stevenson
Sloan James, lab. h ay bt Chartiers and Beaver n Sheffield M
Sloan James W., machinist, h 588 Liberty
Sloan James W., nail cutter, h 588 Liberty

Sloan J., of J. H. Dierker & Co., h Mulberry ay bt Walnut and Factory
Sloan John, liquor Btpre, h 115 Mulberry ay
Sloan Mary, seamstress, 23 Washington
Sloan Sloan Matthew, clerk, h 23 Washington
Sloan Richard, shearer, h Second n Ross
Sloan Robert J. H., lab, h cor Middle av and Sampson, A
Sloan Samuel, nailor, h 588 Liberty
Sloan Samuel R., nail cutter, h 588 Liberty
Sloan Thomas, lab, h 5 Point
Sloan Thomas, lab, Steubenville turnpike n Mill
Sloan William J., nail cutter, h 588 Liberty
** Here much of the family is found together.
1865-66 Sloan David, soldier, 12 Sampson, A
Sloan D. A, salesman, bds Hare's Hotel
Sloan Harvey, painter, cor South av and Tre mont
Sloan James, lab, Locust
Sloan James, lab, Manchester
Sloan James, nailor, Union tp
Sloan James W., lab, Res tp
Sloan Jane, wid, seamstress, 24 Sampson, A
Sloan John, lab, h turnpike road n Ferry, T
Sloan John J., nailor, h turnpike road, a Ferry T
Sloan John, Prospect n Butler, L
Sloan John D., nailor, h Union tp
Sloan John W., nailcutter, 278 Robinson, A
Sloan Mathew, jr., soldier, 12 Sampson, A
Sloan Mathew, gent., 12 Sampson, A
Sloan & Mashy, restaurant, 53 Market
Sloan Richard, shearsman, 291 Second
Sloan Richard, shearsman, h 298 Second
Sloan Robert, carp, Second n West, A
Sloan Thomas, puddler, Steubenville pike, T
Sloan William, of Sloan & Mashy, 53 Market
Sloan William, lab., 273 Second
Sloan William J., gent., 43 Sampson, A

Other available directories for various years between 1869-1917 have yet to be entered here.  Until then, you can see them all here.



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