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Researching the family of Jacob Dittoe and Catherine Sneeringer, who came to Perry Co., OH from Conewago circa 1803. They later became first benefactors of Ohio's first Catholic Church, St. Joseph's, in Perry County. This family included Jacob's brothers Joseph (also named as benefactor) and Anthony, along with the Finck/Fink family of John Finck and Maria Sneeringer.

Note, This area was Fairfield County until 1818 when it became part of the newly formed Perry County.


Catholic historical works are consistent in describing Jacob's entry into Perry County and involvement with the early Church in Ohio:

* His persistent letter writing brought the first Priest to the area (save for the much earlier involvment with the Indians).
* The first Mass in the State of Ohio was celebrated in his home (stated by some but argued by others).
* Jacob chose the Patron for the first Catholic Church in Ohio: St. Joseph.
* Jacob donated the land (320 acres) on which St. Joseph Church was built.
* Jacob indicates, in a letter to the Bishop, that they are from Conewago.

Unfortunately the only mention of other family members in these sources are
1. "brothers"
2. Peter (relationship not stated, but possibly brother)
3. wife Catherine
4. Son Henry
5. brother in law John Finck, and
6. "Finck kin".

We might expect Perry County Historical resources to speak of him, but they do not, save for the many mentions of his name only in the early records....and genealogical resources are scant, save for Riley's History of the Ditto Families 1700-2000 and A. A. Graham's 1883 History of Fairfield Counties, however from these two we only get a glimpse.

Many of the MD and KY, and a few PA Ditto's are well documented in Robert S. Riley's excellent work History of the Ditto Families 1700-2000, however, the information on the line of the family of Jacob Ditto(e), The St. Joseph Church of Perry Co., OH Benefactor, leaves some questions, and ought to be researched further.

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* Overview of the proposed ancestry of Jacob Dittoe
* Excerpts from Catholic historical works
* Excerpts from non-Catholic historical works

Ohio Research:
* St. Joseph Church Cemetery, Perry County (Dittoe's)
* St. Joseph (Perry Co.) Cemetery, Old Section - full Reading
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* Holy Trinity Church Cemetery, Somerset, Ohio
* Perry County Deaths 1867-1935
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* 1883 Bio of Peter Dittoe Sr. (1793-1868)
* 1883 Bio of Peter Dittoe, Jr.
* 1883 Bio of Frank A. (Francis) Dittoe
** Fairfield County Marriages 1800-1835

** Lancaster Gazette Genealogical Abstracts 1826-1873
* 1820-1840 Ohio Censuses
* 1850 Census, Perry Co.
* 1860 Census, Perry Co.
** Perry County Wills, Estates and Partitions
* Dittoe Timeline

* Pre 1800 Ditto's

Francis Ditto, Jacob's twin brother - Info from 1909 Gift family history
Francis Ditto Revolutionary War Record Info
Material found on Francis Ditto (brother of Jacob, Anthony and Joseph?)

Orphan Court Records Civil War Conewago Chapel, Adams Co., PA Research:
* Baptisms - Ditto

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