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Elder Births 1867-1908; Elder Father and Child
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from Index Perry County, Ohio Births Probate Court, Vols I & II, 1867-1908

Name Father Mother Date Twp. City/Town Ricks Comments
Pleasant P. Enos Mary E. Snider 23 Jun 1882 Jackson   Per Levi Ellis Elder and Hannah Middaugh had a son Enos. Is this him??
Ray Enos Ellen Thompson 15 Jan 1889 Jackson  
Lawrence Frank Fena Tracy 29 Jan 1901 Harrison   Possibly Frank, son of Jerome C. and Catherine Meenan. Is this right??
Charles D. Frank Tena Tracy 12 Sep 1907 Harrison McLuney
Rosie B. Joseph Mary O'Brien 8 Feb 1872 Reading   Father Joseph is son of Thomas Elder and Ellen McLaughlin.
Charles P. Joseph P. Mary O'Brien 15 Feb 1874 Saltlick Shawnee
Martha E. Joseph Mary O'Brien 22 Feb 1877 Saltlick Shawnee
John F. Joseph P. Mary O'Brien 17 Feb 1879 Saltlick Shawnee
Forest M. I. O. Gertruce Lehman 9 Feb 1907 Jackson   Is "I.O." Ignatius, son of Thomas H. Elder and Elizabeth Spalding??
James Jerome Catherine Meenan 1 Jul 1867 Harrison   Catherine is 1st wife of Jerome C., son of James Elder and Mary Lynch.
Anna R. Jerome Catherine Meenan 12 Jul 1870 Pike  
Catherine J. C. Catherine Meenan 23 Oct 1874 Pike  
Francis V. Jerome Catherine Meenan 27 Jun 1876 Pike  
Charles J. Jerome C. Catherine Meenan 22 Dec 1878 Pike  
Kathleen L. J. C. Sallie K. Crosby 9 Sep 1890 Pike New Lex.  Sallie is 2nd wife of Jerome C. Elder. Child not named is Florence, Sue N's Great Aunt.
Charles M. J. C. Sallie K. Crosby 9 Sep 1890 Pike New Lex. 
Jerome C. J. C. Sallie K. Crosbie 13 Nov 1894 Pike New Lex. 
not named J. C. Sallie K. Crosby 23 Jan 1901 Pike New Lex. 
Mary O. Thomas H. Mary Forquer 18 Jan 1904 Saltlick Shawnee Thomas is son of Joseph P. Elder and Mary McElroy? Two AWTs for Thomas but neither shows parents. One shows Mary is aka Maude.
George Thomas Mary Forquer 13 Jan 1906 Saltlick Shawnee
Maude Thomas Mary Forquer 13 Jan 1906 Saltlick Shawnee
John George Hellen Carr 30 May 1873 Pike New Lex. Is George the son of James Elder and Mary Lynch??
Mary M. George Hellen Carr 20 Oct 1874 Pike  
Henry George Helen Carr 5 Dec 1875 Pike New Lex.
Lucy George Sarah Arnold 27 Apr 1879 Jackson   ??
James H. G. W. Sarah A. Lehman 5 Aug 1883 Jackson   ??
Jacob E. John W. Sarah Wright 22 Oct 1876 Reading   ??
Thomas A. Levia Hannah Medick 8 Oct 1870 Reading   Levi is son of Asberry Elder and Charlotte Durr. The entry of Lewis C. seems to be a misprint.
Lottie M. Levi E. Hannah Middaugh 4 Sep 1872 Reading  
David S. Levi E. Hannah Middaugh 21 Sep 1874 Reading  
Enos Otterbein Levi Ellis Hannah Middaugh 29 Oct 1878 Reading  
William P. Lewis C. Hannah Middaugh 7 Mar 1882 Reading  
Floyd Levi E. Hannah Middaugh 5 Jul 1886 Reading  
Eve M. Levi Amy R. Rutherford 10 Dec 1874 Reading   Levi is son of Robert Elder and Susanna Haines.
Margaret Silas C. Hannah Griggs 15 Oct 1879 Jackson   ??
not named Silas C. Hannah M. Griggs 20 Jan 1883 Jackson  
not named Silas C. Hannah M. Griggs 20 Jan 1883 Jackson  
Walter O. Edward Lizzie Thomas 2 Dec 1887 Saltlick Shawnee ??
A. M. Edward Lizzie Thomas 9 Feb 1889 Saltlick Shawnee
Lucy S. Simon Lucy Heck 25 May 1878 Jackson   Simon is son of Robert Elder and Susannah Haines.
not named Samuel Mariah Dorgee 25 Oct 1867 Reading Somerset ??
Mary E. Samuel Maria Drouge 22 Jan 1869 Reading Somerset
Charles E. Samuel Maria Drouge 13 Jan 1873 Reading  
William L. Samuel Maria Drouge 9 Oct 1879 Reading Somerset
Preston E. Jacob S. Martha Henry 27 Jul 1881 Reading   Jacob is son of Asbery Elder and Charlotte Durr. Who did these daughters marry??
Belle B. Jacob Martha Henry 23 Aug 1885 Reading  
Dolly Jacob Martha Henry 11 Nov 1889 Reading  
Robert A. Jacob Martha Henry 15 Mar 1892 Reading  
Ruth Jacob Martha Henry 10 Oct 1895 Reading  
Mary E. Ashbey Julia A. Householder 8 Aug 1869 Reading   If Julia is aka Emma then this father is son of Asbury Elder and Charlotte Durr. Just one AWT possible match: A. P. Elder and Emma Householder. Does anyone know who this is??
Luzella E. Aslary Julia A. Householder 22 Aug 1874 Reading  
Callie B. Asberry Charlotte Durr 18 Oct 1870 Reading   Asbury is son of Robert Elder and Susanna Haines.
John D. P. Asberry Charlotte Durr 8 Mar 1874 Reading  
Adam G. I. M. Louiza C. Griggs 9 Apr 1877 Jackson   ??



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