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Hannah Elder marries Thomas Downey in 1870 - Perry County, OH
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In 1870 a Thomas Downey married a Hannah Elder in Perry County, Ohio.

Is Hannah daughter of Thomas Elder and Ellen McLaughlin?

Is Thomas Downey brother of Lawrence Downey?


14 Aug 1850: Seneca, Hopewell
Thomas, 57, Farmer, MD
Mary, 14, OH
Martha, 13, OH
Bridget, 11, OH
Hannah, 9, OH [born c. 1841]
Joseph, 6, OH
Daniel, 3, OH
Susan Nolen, 57, MD
*** Next to Daniel McLaughlin, age 75.
Ellen McLaughlin assumed to be aka Mary here. Who is Susan Nolen?

16 Jul 1860: Perry, Thorn
Thomas, 61, MD
Agnes, 22, OH
Hannah, 18, OH [born c. 1842]
Joseph, 16, OH
Daniel, 14, OH
M__ (male) 2 mos.
Who is this family?

5 Jul 1870: Perry, Reading
Thomas 71 MD
Hannah 25 OH [born c. 1845]
Daniel 22 OH
William 5 OH
Downey, Thomas 52 Ireland
Working Assumption is that this is the Hannah Elder who married Thomas Downey the same year.

This Hannah Elder should not be confused with Hannah A. Elder, daughter of Thomas Elder and Nancy Sherwood, who was born December, 1844, married James Alexander and moved to Fairfield County in 1865, where they lived and had 5 children. They are last seen in the 1910 Census, enumerated 21 April. It is assumed we will find her as Hannah Elder, died and buried in Fairfield County.

Here are the Hannah Downeys, Hannah Elders and Thomas Downeys found in birth, death and interment records of Perry County:

Births after 1867:

There are only 2 mothers named Hannah Elder: 1. Wife of Lincoln Brown had children 1890 and 1893. 2. Wife of Patrick Farley had twins 28 Jun 1870.

There are no Thomas Downey fathers.

Deaths after 1867:

Elder, Hannah R., Single, died 10 Nov 1910 in Reading Twp. age 69, born in OH [c. 1841]...Housewife [Single Housewife?...Should it read Widowed or Divorced?]. Is this the wife of Thomas Downey?

Downey, Hannah R., Married, died in New Straitsville 15 May 1900 age 67y, 2m, born in New Straitsville, Perry, OH [c. 1833]. Too old to be her...but who is she? Is this the wife of Thomas Downey?

No Thomas Downeys are found in the Deaths Book.

Cemetery/Interment Records:

The only Hannah Elder found in the County is in St. Joseph's: Hannah R. Elder, 19 Nov 1910 age 69y (shown above in the death record as single)
Sadie 28 Jun 1878 - 10 Jul 1895
William E. 1866 - 1922
Mary E. 1872-1940
These are the children of Hannah Elder, buried together and also found together in the 1880, 1900, 1910 and 1920 Censuses:
1880; Perry, Reading, dwelling 194:
Hannah, 32, OH (Widowed/Divorced box is checked)
William, son, 15, OH OH OH
Mary, dau, 10, OH OH OH
Sarah, twin, 10, OH OH OH

1900; Perry, Reading, dwelling 252:
Hannah, 56, born May 1844, Single, She notes Mother of 2, 2 Living. [Should read mother of 3, 2 living]
William E., son, 34, Single, born June 1865
Mary A., dau, 28, Single, born Jun 1871

1910; Perry, dwelling 237 on New Lexington Pike:
William, 44, Single, OH OH OH
Mary E., sister, 39, OH OH OH
Hannah, mother, 7_, Widowed, Mother of 3, 2 living, OH MD MD

1920; Perry, Reading, dwelling 169 on Main St.:
William E., 55, Single, OH OH OH
Mary E., 48, Single, OH OH OH

The only unknown Thomas Downey found in Perry Cemeteries and interment records is one buried in a plot by himself at New Lexington (Maplewood) Cemetery: died 9 Jun 1883. Assume he died out of the County since not in Perry Deaths? Where was he in 1880?

My guess at this point: Hannah Elder and Thomas Downey, from the 1870 Census family, had son William in 1865 before they were married. They married in 1870 and had twin daughters Mary and Sarah in 1871 and were separated soon thereafter. In 1880 they are still apart but living near each other; Hannah with the kids and Thomas with the widow Mary Mooter. Thomas dies in 1883 and Hannah in 1910. Unfortunately it appears that neither of Hannah's living children married. Hopefully descendants of Hannah's siblings may know something.

Next Steps: 1. Confirm the father of Sadie, William and Mary Elder, and 2. Confirm the identity of the married Hannah R. Downey who died in 1900.



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