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Nancy Agnes and Archibald Daugherty
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All four sons of John Sloan and Nancy Agnes Daugherty were active in the Civil War and the evidence seems good that Archibald Dougherty, who served with Samuel and James, was their uncle. In the same unit there was an R. J. Dougherty who died at Harrison's landing, VA 10 Jul 1862.

The Sloans have had it passed down that Nancy immigrated 1818 with her family. She would have been between about 3 and 8 years old. If Archibald is her brother then guess he was born c1805-c1820. Nancy may have married a Wilson prior to John Sloan. Nancy is found in the 1850, 1860, 1870 and 1880 Census and in each one she is not with spouse. In 1880 she confirms she is a widow, which seemed to be the case even in 1840.

1840 Census: There's just one Archibald Dougherty in the US Census (soundex): Henry Co., OH, Napoleon Twp:
These three Dougherty families (brothers?) are living nearly next to each other: Next to and between them are the families of Patrick Dunn, Georg Doolittle, Daniel Cajan?, John Smith, Patrick Nary and William Vandorn.
Patrick Dougherty
1 30-39
1 Under 5
1 30-39
1 5-9
1 under 5

Archibald Dougherty
1 20-29
1 20-29
2 under 5

Auther Dougherty
1 30-39
1846: Jim says Archibald was living in Greensburg, Westmoreland Co., PA when he enlisted in the Mexican War.
1850 Census: Nancy is shown alone with children in Pittsburgh and Archibald is with family in Ritchie Co., VA (now WV):
Nancy Sloan, 38, Ireland
Samr, 15, PA [m. Georgia SHAUTON]
James, 13, PA [m. Eliza STEELE]
John, 11, PA [m. Rebecca Jane McCLELLAND]
Thomas, 9, PA [m. Margaret THOMPSON]
Elizabeth, 6, PA [died at age 14]
Mary, 4, PA [died at age 4]
Martha, 2, PA [m. George Reed SLATER]
Archibald Dougherty, 34, Farmer, Ireland
Margaret, 27, PA
Robert B., 5, VA
William J., 2, PA
Arch. 2/12, VA
Worthy of note, at least so that the two are not confused since they are of similar age and have the same wife's name, is the one Archibald Dougherty found in next to Hugh Dougherty:
Archibald Dougherty, 30, IRE
Margaret, 30, IRE
Mary, 6, IRE
Jane, 4, IRE
Margaret, 1, IRE
Hugh Dougherty, 50, IRE
Sarah, 48, IRE
Ann, 15, IRE
James, 14, IRE
Samuel, 13, IRE
Patrick, 10, IRE
John, 7, IRE
Hugh, 5, IRE
Francis, 2, IRE
Both families apparently immigrated 1848-1849.
1860 Census: The only Archibald:
Archibald Dougherty, 45, IRE
Margaret, 36, PA
Robert?, 14, VA
Wm John, 10, PA
Archibald, 9, VA
Mary R., 3, OH
Jim says this is him; and that at discharge [23 Jan 1862] he named Birmingham, in Allegheny Co., as his residence. After the war he moved to Ritchie Co., VA (now WV).

Note the clear differences between these two Archibalds who married a Margaret.
1870 Census: nets 2 matches (but finds none!). Both are in Allegheny Co.:
East Birmingham:
Magg? (female), 46, PA
female, 14, OH
Sarah, 11, OH
Margaret, 8, PA
Archibald, 24, VA (Steam Boat, Runs River)
Adam Dougherty, 52, IRE
Jane, 50, PA
William, 20, PA
Jane, 16, PA
James, 15, PA
Marg. A., 15, PA
Archibald, 11, PA
Nancy, 7, PA
Sarah, 5, PA

No doubt neither of these Archibalds is our man. But we do find Nancy's son Thomas S. Sloan and his family living next to a Dougherty family in Pittsburgh:
Thoamas S. Sloan, 29, Clerk in Brewery, 0, 150, PA
Margaret, 26, Keeping House, PA
Blanche, 1, PA
Roger Dougherty, 30, IRE
Catherine Dougherty, 26, IRE
Bridget Dougherty, 5, PA
Lennis? Dougherty, 29, IRE
Samuel Madden, 26, IRE
Thomas Houghton, 18, IRE
Bernard Doherty, 18, IRE
Mary McConnel, 14, PA

1870 and 1880 Census: Here are two entries worth checking into because of the Dougherty link in one of them...are these two separate families? Is either one of them Nancy's son James? If so then we are likely wrong that our James married Eliza Steele. This is the only James found so far whose the right age:
1870 Philadelphia:
1880 Philadelphia
Jas. Sloan, 33, S_rentine? Builder, PA
Catherine, 28, PA
Sarah A., 7, PA
Cath, 5, PA
Henry, 3, PA
Mary Ann, 11/12, PA
James Readdy, 22, MA
John Kelly, 23, MA
James, 26, Ireland
John, 19, Ireland
John, 21, Ireland
This James lists neither parent as foreign birth.
James Sloan, 44, PA PA PA
Cathrine, wife, 39, IRE IRE IRE
John, son, 6, PA PA IRE
Ellen, dau, 4, PA PA IRE
Peter, son, 1, PA PA IRE
Jame Dougherty, other, 30 PA

As for the 1870; this is the only James that would be the right age to be Nancy's son.
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