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Only because of numerous inquiries do I offer my services for hire.  It will help my heart to remind you, before you read further, that 95% of what I have found has been for free (not counting, of course, the cost of an internet connection). See here for some do-it-yourself guidance that is enough to get you started - and keep you going for a long time.

Services & Pricing: (make these ordered list)
Document & organize what you have on paper into a computer file

Scan and label photographs, documents etc. and make a photo album of them
Research for information about your ancestors
Make a website for you

1. Document & organize what you have on paper into a computer file:
Whether you've got a shoebox or a whole file cabinet of paperwork, I know your grief! You need to get that stuff organized and useable - and able to be shared with family and frends.  I can document your information into the standard genealogical format so that it can be viewed like this by anyone you choose to share it with. Included with the documentation are all source and repository references - and any additional notes you care to add to any or all individuals.  Included with this service at no additional charge, if you wish, is the uploading of the file to the internet (like the link I just showed you) - and one hour of training on the software that you'll be using once I'm done with getting it all entered.  Within this hour you'll easily learn how to add info to it later - and keep your online file updated.

Pricing: I will quote you a flat price based on how much material you have.

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2. Scan & label photographs, documents etc. and make a photo album of them:
For anything that you would like organized digitally, I can scan them, then copy them and put labels on them like this.  I can then make a photo album of them that you can share with family and friends. Here's an example of a simple photo album.  That one is on my website, but you do not need a website to have, and be able to share, a photo album like that.

Pricing: I will quote you a flat price based on how much material you have.

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3. Research for information about your ancestors:
It is certainly true that you can find alot for free, but unless you know where to find it, it can be quite time consuming.   In addition, there are many sources of records and information that you have to pay for to access.  I am a paid subscriber to thousands of these databases including all of the census records (including the actual images), birth, marriage and death records, immigration records and much more.

If you want me to do the research for you, I can do that.

Pricing: I will take what you've got to go on, then do one hour of research for free - to show you what I can do. From there, research is done at $50.00 per hour.

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4. Make a website for you:
If you want a website, I can do that.  I made this website my self.  See here for other websites I've done.

Pricing: The "base price" is $96 per year for the hosting and domain name.  We use Lunarpages
for both, and do not upcharge the rate.  $96 dollars per year is exactly what anyone else pays for the same plan.

For design and construction of the site, pricing starts at $250, then $15 per month for a 4 to 8 page site.  Your website can include a Guestbook and Forum if you like.  The monthly portion covers future minor corrections and additions.  Once the site is up and running, significant changes and additions are done at $25 per hour.

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5. Miscellaneous:
a. Census Searches: For any census year (1790-1930) give me a name, approximate date of birth and the State or area if you know it:  I'll supply not only the information given for each member of the household, but send you a copy of the whole page - and the page right before and right after the page your subject family was on.  In many cases, other relatives are found nearby.  $10 per search.

b. State Library of Ohio or Ohio Historical Society Research: $60 per hour, with a one hour minimum to cover travel time.  Email me what you're looking for and I'll contact you with the details. It would certainly shorten the research time if you'll supply me with a list of materials at either location that you want searched.  Otherwise, I'll research what materials seem most promising, and reply with page/microfilm copies, along with a list of all sources searched.

c. I have some excellent materials in my own library.  I am working to get an inventory added to the Places Tab (above).  I'll supply more information about this service shortly.

If there is anything else I can help you with, just let me know.

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