Rootsweb Post-Ems as of 12/13/06
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Date Name Action
may 03 james a. downey added info supplied by Otis Slusher, source 771
  patrick mccabe
  margaret mcinturff-downey
  esther k (kathleen) downey
  julia marcella downey
  aaron pond
  joseph howe jr
  anna buck-derryberry
  jacob keller
  maria (anna, polly) roush-keller
  george keller
  george derryberry
  abraham keller
  barbara roush-keller
  cattorn (catherine?) derryberry
  mary coghill-derryberry
  nancy sawyer-brothers
  mary etta bordner-coons
  fred m. coons
  william henry roush
  sarah anna osmun-roush
  william henry roush
  joseph franklin roush
ulysses grant roush  
john spottswood moore  
julia swinney moore  
living deyoung  
euphan wallace-dandridge  
william sloan  
mary ann campbell-sloan  
thomas moore  
john clark moore-omara  
martha (fannie) moore-vaughan  
peter moore  
samuel mccourtney  
rose mccourtney  
james mccourtney  
ella mccourtney  
  living kellenbarger
  john wesley elder
  living bowen
  mary ellen kintz-henry
  thomas moore
  john nepomuck schmelzer
jun 04 michael dittoe added info supplied by larry overmire, source 773
  william sterner
  herman dittoe
  catherine mericle-stemen
  elizabeth walker-redmon
  james redmon (redmond)
12/27/06 jean finney added alexander finney to db.