St. Joseph's Orphan Asylum
Sacred Heart, Pomeroy, Ohio 1875-1877
Columbus, Ohio 1877-1932

 The pages for this project are a work in progress as we are updating as frequently as we gain new insight into these records - and how we will go about transcribing them.

Thanks is due The Pontifical College Josephinum Rector and Archivist, who have generously supplied the Society with an abundance of material on the Orphanage - including the orphan's records that are extant - and permission to make them available to the general public.


While the ultimate goal is to provide a history of the Orphanage and it's activities, we will first transcribe the voluminous (but incomplete) records of the Orphans.


The first thing to note is that the late Monsignor Gerald Durst painstakingly typed up "information cards" from the very same records that were made available to us.

Click here for a detailed description of these records.


If you are researching anyone who was an "inmate" of the Orphanage, email us - Subject line "St. Joseph Orphanage Record Request" - with the name or names, along with your relationship to the boy. We'll check the typed index cards and send you the info.

For more on St. Joseph's Orphan Asylum, see these links on the Pontifical College Josephinum's site.

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