Priscilla/Prisciller/Siller Moore
Daughter of Benjamin and Margere Moore, born 25 Jan 1774 in Dorchester, MD

Nothing more is known of her. She did have a brother Nimrod who was also born in Dorchester, MDand later went to Rockingham, NC then settled in Grayson, VA. The following is a listing of all Priscilla's and variant spellings from various sources of the areas above - in an effort to confirm or deny them being this Prisciller.

Note: from these sources, I am not documenting names that could not be the above Prisciller; i.e. born somewhere else, died in the 1900s, married too early or too late, etc...

Ones that are potentially her are in black, ones ruled out are in Red. Databases:
P=spelling Priscilla, M=Moore. All other variants will be spelled out.
Maryland Marriages 1667-1899 None  
FDC - Deaths PM d. 1784 in Hillsborough, NH No AWTs with this death year but Google found a Priscilla Moore b. 1736 in Hillsborough...probably this same Priscilla but not the target.
PM d. 22 Jan 1836 8 AWTs show this PM born 1829, d/o Jerimiah Moore and Sarah EVANS of Chester, PA
PM d. 8 Apr 1815 Per 4 AWTs this is probably PM born 1762 in Burlington, NJ, d/o John Moore & Hannah EAYRE
P. Blackwood Muir d. 3 Feb 1858 many AWTs show two different PBMs....neither could be her.
FDC - Marriages        PM m. Edward Champion Lots of AWTs have this couple...this PM born in 1628.
PM m. Joseph Russ 87 AWTs for this couple. This PM born in 1691 in MA.
PM m. Samuel Burroughs 1808 AWTs show her born 1789, d/o Joseph Moore and Mary HEWLINGS, who were from Burlington, NJ.
PM m. Charles French 1810 This PM born and died in Gloucester, NJ
PM m. Joseph Mooar 27 Oct 1790  
P. Blackwood Muir m. Philander Hatch 25 Sep 1883 many AWTs show two different PBMs....neither could be her..
PM m. Samuel Phebus AWTs found showing this to be an OH-IN line of Phebus'. Son Milton born 1843 in Fountain, IN. Priscilla's birth date or origin unknown, but she's too young to be son of Benjamin.
PJM m. Stanton Thompson No AWTs for this couple.
Ancestry World Trees
(b. 1774 plus or minus 10 years or unknown birth date, daughter of Benjamin)
PM, b. 1 Jan 1784 in NJ, d. 1865 in NJ. d/o Joshua Moore & Rachel BALLINGER, w/o Charles FRENCH. Born and died in Gloucester, NJ
PM b. 12 Mar 1777 in PA, d. 1877 PA, d/o Moses Moore & Mary Christina VanLear, 4 husbands: REESE, CAHILL, ROBISON/ROBINSON, FISHER. Born and died in Chester, PA
PM b. 16 Nov 1778 in Essex, MA, d/o Benjamin Moore & Hannah PHELPS. Spouse or Death info not known.
PM, d/o Benjamin Moore & Elizabeth FORREST, w/o Joshua SPIVEY. This Benjamin is well documented as being in Bertie Co., NC until he died in 1780.
Misc. World Trees Harriet PM m. John H. THOMPSON 10 Nov 1842 in St. Mary's Co., MD No other info shown for this couple...but this PM probably too young. I'm leaving it black due to her being from so close to Dorchester.
Good ole Google:
"Prisciller Moore" or "Moore Prisciller" None  
"Siller Moore" or "Moore Siller" None fitting the date range we're looking for.  

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