Colonel Augustine Moore

This image was found on the internet c. 2004 but it's source was unknown until I received the following information from Bret Rumsey 8/21/08.  Thank you, Bret!

"This portrait is now part of the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation Collection, and is attributed to Charles Bridges.  The provenance of the photo is believed to be:

From Augustine Moore
to his widow                                        Elizabeth Todd Seaton Moore
To her son                                           Bernard Moore
To his widow                                      Anna Katherine Spotswood Moore
To (her nephew?)                                Bernard Moore II
To his widow                                      Lucy Leiper Moore
To (her son?)                                     Andrew L. Moore
To his wife                                          Ann Nelson Moore
To her daughter                                  Lucy Moore Robinson (Lucy and her husband sold “Chelsea” in 1870 and took the
                                                          Moore portraits with them at that time).
To her son                                           Leiper Moore Robinson
Sold to his niece                                   Louise Beverly Turner
Descended to her granddaughter            Helen Jones Ballou

Helen, my wife’s grandmother, sold the painting to the CWF in 1976.

My wife and I were just in Williamsburg a few weeks ago and this portrait is currently on display in the DeWitt Wallace Museum, along with a portrait of his wife and another believed to be of their two children, Lucy and Bernard."

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