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Moores in Maryland Eastern Shore Colonial Families

By Christos Christou; several volumes; only Vol 1 has Moores:

1. JOHN MOORE, was bur. Oct 1728 in St. Paul’s Parish.uc He m. Elizabeth (N).
John Moore (More), of St. Paul’s Parish, d. leaving a will dated 4 Dec 1724 and proved 19 Nov 1728. To son Wilhinni, exec., he left dwell. plant. Arcadia, 200 a. which he bought from Arthur Miller and 100 a. from Nicha. Poore, and person To son John, he left 170 a. called Mills End on Swan Creek, which Darby Cassey had bequeathed to the testator. To his eldest dau. Mary Mahone; [ daus. Eliza and Ann; and eldest granddau. Mary Mahone; and two grandchild. Eliza: and Thomas Mahone, he left personalty. Memo: 18 Jan 1724; To three grandchildren, viz., Mary, Thomas and Eliza: Mahoney, additional per sonalty to be paid to their father Thomas MRnhony.oiwa 19:557}
The inventory of John Moore’s estate was taken on 11 Jan 1728 and filed 9 June 1729. It named as next of kin: Willinm BlRkiston, Elisabeth Moore (More), and Wi11i Moore (More) as exec. j’IINV 14: 221) A seco inventory was taken on 26 May 1729 and proved 9 June 1729.{MIz 14:229)
John Moore and wife Elizabeth were the parents of MARY, b.
19 June 1701, m. Thomas Mahone; WILLIAM, b. 17 Jan 1703, bapt. 24
July 1703; ELIZABETH, b. 1 Feb 1706; ANN, b. 10 Aug 1708; and
JOhN, b. 27 Jan 1711.
2. WILLIAM MOORE, son of John and Elizabeth, was b. 17 Jan 1703, and bapt. 24 July 1703.{x
By his wife Rachel he was the father of: JOHN, b. 3 Feb 1730; and ASENATH, b. 29 April 1732.clcEsP
3. JOhN MOORE, son of John and Elizabeth, was b. 27 Jan 1711. John Moore d. leaving a will dated 2 Feb 1737 and proved 13 Jan
1739. To son Saintleger, he left dwelL plant, called Clifton, Miles Ford, cont. 70 a. and Miles End, cont. 120 a. To wife Sarah, he left her legal thirds. Execs. were wife and Dr. Jacob G]ann.1’twB 22:130)
The inventory of John Moore’s estate was taken 24 Feb 1740 and proved 10 June 1741. Next of kin: Jackson Griffith, WilliAm Moore.
Exec.: Jacob Glenn (surviving executor).oiINv 26:240) A second inven tory was taken 11 Jan 1741 and filed 27 April 1742.DInlv 27:10)
Doctor Jacob Glann, Michael Miller and George Copper on 24 Au 1745 gave bond they would pay Anne Moore £45.5.1 due to her as a filial portion of the estate of John Moore, her dec. father, at age
16.{IcKBI J8#20:129}
John Moore was the father of; ST. LEGER; and ANN.

1. (N) MOORE was the father of two sons: JAMES; and GEORGE.
2. JAMES MOORE, brother of George, d. c1754. He was a bricklayer in Chester Town, and by 4 March 1734, had m. Rebecca Wilmer, dau. of Simon Wilmer.
On 14 Sep 1725 John Radford sold part of Maiden’s Lot to James MOOre.(KELR J5#W:501}
Lieutenant James More took the oath of allegiance on 22 April
1740.{XEBI 38*18:278
On 18 Oct 1738, James Moore of Chester Town, bricklayer and LAmbert Wilmore of the afsd. county, Gent., execs. of the last will of Simon Wilmore dec., cony, to David Craine of Chester Town, carpenter, Lot 58 in Chester Town. {KELR .Th#22:251
James Moore of KE Co., bricklayer, d. leaving a will dated 6 Feb 1754, and proved 19 Feb 1754. The heirs named were: son James Moore, and wife Rebeckah, to have use of the land until son Simon was of age; his wife was to have houses and lots in Chester Town; at her decease this property was to descend to all his daus.: Mary, Rebeckah, Margret, Sarah, Dorcas (also spelled “Dorky”), Elizabeth and Clayshee (?). The will was witnessed by Ann Eliz. Wilmer, James Smith and ‘WilliAm Murray.* 29:233
On 3 April 1754, Moore’s estate was appraised by James McLane (also MeClean) and James Piner, Jr., and valued at £721.15.9. Anile Elisabeth Wilmer and WilliAm Murray signed as creditors. James Moor and Mary Moor signed as next of kin. Rebecca Moore, extx., filed the inventory on 18 May 1754. {MINV 57:392) On 29 Jan 1755, his estate was again appraised and valued at £71.16.6. Willlsm Murray, James Moore and Mary Moore signed as creditors. This inventory was filed on 18 Feb 1755.{MIsv 60:198)
On 28 May 1756 his estate was distributed by Rebecca Moore. Distribution was to the widow and to the legatee: son John.5PD 2:30}
James and Rebecca were the parents of: JOHN; JAMES; SIMON (not yet of age); MARY; REBECKAH; MARGRET; SAR’H;, DORCAS (also spelled “Dorky ELIZABETH; and CLAYSHEE(?).
3. GEORGE MOORE, bro. of James (2), d. in KE Co., leaving a will dated 80 March 1754. Named was niece Sarah Moore, to whom was bequeathed stock in possession of Rebeca (or Rebena) Moore. The exec. was James Moore. The will was witnessed by John Hynson, Mary Moore and Rebeckah Hynson. wB 29:215)
4. JAMES MOORE, son of James (2) and Rebecca, may be the James
Moore, mariner, who, being a single man, at November Court, 1760
was charged with committing fornication with Mary Foreman on 10
Nov 1759 and begetting a bastard child. He was fined 30 s.

1. (N) MOORE, d. by 1766 leaving a widow Mary who was the sister of
WilliAm Katting [ Keating].
MyMooreofKECo.dleavingawilldated27Nov1766 proved 13 Dec 1766. Mentioned were son Henry Moore, whose care she left to bro. Rudolf Moore who was also appointed exec. or her bro. WilliAm Katting. The will was witnessed by Jno. GrAhAni Joseph Ireland, Isaac Wilson and Francis Rutter. 35:158)
On 24 Feb 1769 her estate was appraised by John Eceleaton and
Probert Hutcheson, and valued at £3.14.6. James Black and Joseph
Ireland signed as creditors. WilliAm Keaton, Sr., and Martha Keaton
signed as next of kin. Rudolph More, exec., filed the inventory on 25
Feb 1769.{Mniv 99:124)
(N) and Mary (Katting) Moore were the parents of at least two sons; RUDOLF, d. by 1773; and HENRY, d. by 1767
2. RUDOLF MOORE, son of Mary (1), was nsmed in her will as exec. He m. Alice {or Ealce] (N), and d. by Oct 1722. Alice m. as her 2nd husband James Harden.
Rudolph Moore of KE Co. d. leaving a will dated 16 Feb 1771, and proved 22 Oct 1772. Only his wife Ealce was mentioned to whom was devised the tract Killingworth. The will was witnessed by John Comegy-s, Rachel Bolton and Francis Rutter.a’wa 38:881)
On 9 Nov 1772 Rudolph Moore’s estate was appraised by John
Eccleston and John Coinegys, and valued at £436.4.9. Thomas Gilpin &
Co. signed as creditor. No next of kin signed. Ealie More, exec., ified
the inventory on 3 Jan 1773.*IINv 110:412)
On 26 Oct 1773, his estate was appraised again by John Eccieston
and WilliAm Comegys, and valued at £153.9.8. Gilpin & Jurey signed as
creditors. Ealce, wife of Rhubin Hardin, extL, filed the inventory on 9
Dec 1773.{Mniv 116:95)
Another apprRisii.l was filed on 1 Jan 1774. The list of debts was valued at £313.12.5. Alice, wife of Reuben Harden, extx., filed the inventory containing a list of debts on 1 Jan 1774.MINv 115:370)
3. HENRY MOORE, son of Mary (1), was named in her wilL On 12 Jan 1767 Moore’s estate was appraised by John Eccieston
and Robert Hutcheson, and valued at £239.7.9. John Black and Thomas & George Gilpin signed as creditors. Rudolph More, adniin., filed the inventory on 24 Feb 1767.{MII 92 On 3 Feb 1767 his estate was appraised and valued at £33.18.8. No creditors or next of kin were listed. Randolph Moore (also Rudolph Moore), admin filed the inven tory containing a list of debts on 8 April 1768. 96:194) On 24 Nov 1767 Moore’s estate was appraised again and valued at £64.2.5. The inventory was filed on 8 April 1768. Q 96:195) On 31 July 1770 another appr was made by John Eccieston and John Come and
valued at £206.8.4. WilliAm Keatting, Sr., and Willinm Keatting, Jr., signed as next of kin. Rudolph Moore, admin., filed the inventory on 6 Aug 1770. {MINV 105:103) Distribution of his estate was made by Rudolph
Moore, admin. on 8 April 1768, 10 March 1769 and 13 May 1772.3YD
5:89, 5:142, 6:119)

MORE, (N), m. by N9v 1677, Mary, extx. of Stephen Whetstone of KE CO.INAC 4:609)
MOORE, ELIZABETH, was b. 3 April 1717.u
MOORE, JOHN, planter, at March Court, 1771 was charged with assaulting James Hackett. He was fined 6 pence. { DD# 1:12 9B)
MOORE, JOHN, had a dau. who m. by July 1704, Joh: Fannen who
came into court on behalf of his wife [ M Morr’s acctt.
Fannen prayed to have the marke of her cattle ... recorded.
MOORE, RICHARD, d. leaving a will dated 4 April 1676 and proved 5
May 1676. He left his estate to his wife and two minor children (all
unnfimed). Execs. were Wi1lii Lawrence, Isaac Winchester. {MWB 5:68)
On 15 Sep 1679 Isaac Winchester, admin., distributed the estate to
John Browne.i 6:395)

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