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Moore marriages; Grayson & Carroll Counties 1793-1852
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From Carroll/Grayson [VA] Marriages, 1793-1852, by John Perry Alderman

(G=Grayson, C=Carroll, NF=Not found, RNF=Return not found, B=Bond, M=Marriage)
Notes in black following entries are in the book, those in Red are mine. Descendants of Isaac and Sarah/Sally Carrico-Moore in Bold Black, descendants of Nimrod and Polly Moore in Bold Blue.

The family of "the other" Isaac and Sarah Moore - most of whom later moved to Madison, IN - is in Grey Italics.

If you can help add identifying information to any of these, please email Rick.

Co. Groom Bride Bride Parent Date Surety By
G Archl. Bunch Susannah Moore Charles 10 Aug 1796-B Greenberry G. McKenzie RNF
  Who is this Susannah, daughter of Charles Moore??
G George Moore Anne Hanks   29 Oct 1808-M NF Rev. George Keith
  Other records show bride's name as Nancy Hanks. There are numerous Hanks links in the family of Isaac's wife Sarah Carrico but any link to the family of Isaac or Sarah has yet to be found.
G James Moore Lydia Hanks   5 Dec 1811-M NF Rev. Daniel Keith
  Hood Co., TX Genealogical Society identifies James as son of William...but the identity of William is unknown.
G John Coulson Lydia Farmer   28 Oct 1812-B Isaac Moore RNF
  Bond seems to say Corker but abundant evidense says she was Farmer. This date is the first mention of an Isaac Moore. It has yet to be determined who he is.
G John Bedsaul Delilah Carrico   30 Jul 1818-M NF Rev. Isaac Moore
G Enoch Moore Rhoda Hanks   4 Mar 1819-M NF Rev. Isaac Moore
  Isaac > Enoch
G Benjamin Moore Susanna Barker   6 Sep 1821-M NF Rev. William Carrico
  Nimrod > Benjamin. Bride's name should be Barber or Barbour. Rev. William Carrico is brother of Sarah Carrico, wife of Isaac.
G Daniel Moore Patsey Hampton   29 Dec 1822-M NF Rev. Isaac Moore
  Nimrod > Daniel
G Fountain Roberts Peggy Moore Nimrod 13 Oct 1823-B John Worrick Rev. Isaac Moore
  Return not found but reported as 30 Oct 1823 in Marriage Register 1. Nimrod > Peggy (Margaret)
G Daniel Atkins Betsey Moore Nimrod 10 Jun 1824-B Reuben Moore RNF
  Consent given by Nimrod More for Daniel Atkins to get a license. Nimrod > Elizabeth (Betsey) and Nimrod > Reuben.
G Richard Hanks Tamer Bryant Garner 2 Sep 1824-M   Rev. Isaac Moore
G Reuben Moore Eleanor Carson   14 Aug 1824-M   Rev. Isaac Moore
  Nimrod > Reuben
G Thomas Moore Jane Bobbitt James 6 Jan 1825 Stephen Mallory Rev. Elisha Beller
  This is a child of "the other" Isaac and Sarah Moore (probably Sarah Starr) who later moved to Madison, IN
G Thomas Moore Huldah Carrico William 21 Feb 1827-B William Carrico Jr. Rev. William Carrico
  Return not found but reported as 22 Feb 1827 in Marriage Register 1. Nimrod > Thomas
G Amos Moore Rebecca Walk Martin 29 Jan 1828-M Martin Walk Rev. Isaac Moore
  Isaac > Amos
G Bledsoe Austin Nancy Moore   4 Dec 1828-M BNF Rev. William Carrico
  Isaac > Nancy
G Anderson Moore Lethy Fulks   16 Mar 1830-M George Moore Rev. John Vaughan
  Anderson is son of George Moore and Nancy Ann Hanks       
G Isaac Moore Jr. Uphamey Jones Abner 19 Aug 1830-M Bledsoe Austin Rev. Isaac Moore
  Isaac > Isaac
G Nimrod Moore Jane Vaughan Nathaniel 14 Oct 1830 Riley Moore Rev. William Carrico
  Nimrod > Nimrod and Nimrod > Riley
G William Moore Anne Bobbitt James 6 Jan 1831-B Stephen Mallory RNF
  This is a child of "the other" Isaac and Sarah Moore (probably Sarah Starr) who later moved to Madison, IN
G John Frazer Sally Moore Isaac 22 Mar 1832-B Stephen N. Mitchell RNF
  This is a child of "the other" Isaac and Sarah Moore (probably Sarah Starr) who later moved to Madison, IN
G Riley Moore Elizabeth Biles Daniel 4 Sep 1832-B Nimrod Moore RNF
  Nimrod > Riley. Wife name should be Boyles.
G Samuel Williams Jane Moore George 8 Nov 1833 John Vaughan RNF
  Again an unknown George Moore. The Vaughan link sure makes it look like a relation Isaac or Nimrod, but further research is needed to confirm it.
G Thomas Phillips Mary/Polly Moore Nimrod 4 Sep 1834-M Nimrod Moore Rev. Isaac Moore
  Nimrod > Mary/Polly
G Isaac Edwards Nancy Moore   2 Apr 1835 BNF Rev. John Cook
  Who is Nancy Moore??
G Amon Moore Susannah Phillips   13 Aug 1835 BNF Rev. John Cock
  Peter > Charles > Amon. Note:'s VA marriages 1740-1850 shows the groom as AARON.
G John Moore Polly Pope   25 Oct 1835-M BNF Rev. William Carrico
G Samuel Moore Polly Murphy   9 Jun 1836 BNF Rev. John Vaughan
G Irvin Moore Elizabeth Murphy   30 Mar 1837 BNF Rev. John Vaughan
G Churchill Moore Rebecca Wilkinson   10 Jan 1839 James Wilkenson Rev. John Vaughan
G William Bobbitt Jr. Beulah Moore   22 Oct 1840 BNF Rev. John Cock
  This is a child of "the other" Isaac and Sarah Moore (probably Sarah Starr) who later moved to Madison, IN
G James Moore Malinda Phillips Richard 27 Jan 1842?   Rev. John Cock
  Return not found but reported as 27 Jan in Marriage Register 1. Peter > Charles > James.
G Martin Moore Minerva Atkins Alexander 31 Jul 1843 James Byrd Rev. C. Stump
  ?? Nimrod > Benjamin > Martin?
G Thomas H. Adams Sally Moore Daniel 17 Apr 1844 Daniel Moore Rev. James Bedwell
  Which Daniel Moore is this??
C James Landreth Mary Moore John 26 Feb 1849-B Lemuel Winesett  
  Bride is 21 on 1 Jan 1849, John Vaughan, Justice of the Peace, consents.
C William Moore Rhoda Ann Williams   13 Sep 1849 Garrett Williams Rev. William Thompson Sr.
C Harvey Cooper Margaret Quesenberry   28 Feb 1850-M Amon Moore Rev. Henry Lindsey
  Peter > Charles > Amon
C Wyatt Moore Mahala Hanks   12 Jun 1852-B Thos. & Martin Hanks RNF
C Wesley Moore Achiah Dulin   11 Dec 1852-B Major Dulin RNF
  Nimrod > Nimrod > Wesley
C Charles Moore Lucinda Norris see note 5 Aug 1854-M Zachariah Wright Henry Lindsey
  Charles, 57, Widowed, b. Sullivan Co., TN, son of Peter and Jane. Lucinda, 51, Widowed, b. Floyd Co., daughter of Robert and Sarah Ratliff.
C Benjamin Moore Sarah Frost see note 1 FEb 1855-B Simeon Frost RNF
  Benjamin, 21, son of Henry and Melina. Sarah, 23, daughter of Simeon and Rachel.



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