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Colonel Augustine Moore

The family of Col. Augustine Moore is a fascinating one with connections to several famous Colonial, Revolutionary War and Civil War folks including George Washington, Gov. Alexander Spotswood, Patrick Henry, Robert E. Lee and many others. He was the founder of Chelsea Plantation, which has been preserved, is open to visitors and is owned by a Moore descendant.

There is no good evidence to believe he was related to St. (Sir) Thomas More. If you disagree, email Rick. I would be happy to review the evidence. In fact, there are conflicting accounts of who even Augustine's parents were. If you have hard evidence, please let me know and I'll add it here.

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The Ancestry of Col. Augustine Moore (Excellently written, and well cited, by Martin Wood of Leicestershire, England)
The Will of Col. Augustine Moore
Painting of Col. Augustine Moore
The Will of Elizabeth Macon (Grandmother of Elizabeth Aylett, who married Col. Augustine's grandson Col. Alexander Spotswood Moore)

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