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Searching for more info on Joseph Kellenbarger aka Stormer:

Joseph Kellenbarger (aka Stormer) disappeared from Fairfield Co., OH around 1871 or 1872.  According to the 1860 & 1870 Censuses (when he was in Fairfield Co., OH with Barbara Schorr-Schmelzer), he was born in Germany between 1828-1830.  Of course we cannot be sure that his first name was truly Joseph, or that the year of birth is correct. 

1. Stormer Immigrants (before June 1858) from Nov. 2006 Search of Immigrant Ships Transcribers Guild.   See also: Kellenbarger ImmigrantsNote.  ISTG does not permit soundex further searching (of Sturmer, etc.) ought to be done.
Name Date Ship Other Stormers on the ship
Henry Stormer
born c. 1823
31 Aug 1857 Leontine, from Bremen Germany Anna, age 32
Margaretha, age 14
In the notes, a descendant, Kenneth Stormer, identifies this Henry as Henry Stalmann, who is found in the 1860 & 1870 Census. Also, this Henry came over with wife and child. This family was noted as bound for Wisconsin.
Conrad Stormer
born c. 1810
6 Oct 1857 Bark Union, from Bremen Germany Elizabeth, age 46
Wilhelm, age 13
Anna, age 7
Helena, age 6
2. Stormer Immigrants (before 1858) from Nov. 2006 Search of Immigration & Naturalization Records databases. Note: The manifests are not transcribed, so only the page that the subject is on was checked for other same last names.
Name Date Ship Other Stormers on the ship
Alex Stormer
born c. 1832
5 Dec 1857 Washington:  Hamburg Germany to New Orleans None.
He is noted as bound for Galveston
Friedr Stormer
born c. 1833
19 Dec 1853 Adonis: Bremen Germany to New Orleans Tobft (?), age 40.
A. Stormer
born c. 1829
17 Jun 1854 Helios: Liverpool to New York. None.
He is noted as being from Germany - and bound for New York.
Conrad Stormer
born c. 1830
1 Jun 1855 Cedar: Bremen Germany to New York. None.
   He is noted as from Germany
Johanna Stormer
born c. 1825
15 Aug 1853 Tempest: Le Havre France to New York. Louis(?), age 58.
   Noted as from Germany. 
John Stormer
born c. 1826
11 Oct 1850 Columbus: Liverpool to New York. None.
Place of origin not shown...but likely from England, based on previous entry on the page.
John Stormer
born c. 1828
3 May 1854 General Jacobi: Bremen Germany to New York. None.
Noted as from Perstenham. Where is Perstenham?
Stephan Stormer
born c. 1824
1 Aug 1851 Kunigunde: Bremen Germany to New York. None.
   Noted as from Pairkenfeld (or Birkenfeld).  Nationality, Wederath
Wilhelm Stormer
born c. 1834
18 Nov 1853 Julie: Bremen Germany to New York. None.
   Noted as from Germany.
William Stormer
born c. 1834
20 Nov 1854 Art Union: Bremen Germany to New York. None.
   Noted as from Andreasberg
Casper Stormer
born c. 1826
1847 Not shown Manifest not included.
According to the source notes, this is probably the same Casper that appears in Tazewell, IL in the 1880 Census.



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