George Adam Kellenbarger leads

1760 Lot Grant page to check out further

1803 Baltimore MD land purchase by John Adam Kellenberger

George Adam's father in law George Lowman?'s sometimes incorrect but often helpful Family Data Collection shows the following:

Parents George Kellenberger and Elizabeth Zimmer Simmer
Charlotte Kellenberger - b. 20 December 1800, Baltimore, MD. d. 9 September 1801, Baltimore, MD
Charlotte Kellenberger - b. 15 August 1802, Baltimore, MD, d. 23 April 1886, Alton, Madison, IL
George Adam Kellenberger - b. 24 June 1797, Baltimore, MD, d. 24 January 1838.
John Kellenberger - b. 29 January 1796, Baltimore, MD. d. December 1854.
Mary Ann Henrietta Kellenberger - b. Birth: 6 February 1799, Baltimore, MD. d. 29 September 1873, Alton, Madison, IL

Kellenberger, George to Simmer, Elizabeth Zimmer, 1794. City: Georgetown.

Kellenberger, George, 24 October 1835 City: Alton, County: Madison, State: IL