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Immigrants before 1859.

Source: US Immigration Collection (USIC).
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There are many variants found using a Soundex Search: only the variants that are like Kellenberger that are 4 syllable and include the "er" ending are shown here. Also, variants beginning with Kl are not shown.

If any of you know anything about these folks, please let me know and I'll add their info to the last column.

Date Ship From To Name/Age/Note(s) Rick's Notes
1716 unk Palatines? Frederick, MD? Johann Kallenberger  
1752     Philadelphia? Johannes Kallenberger  
1805 unk.     Johann Friedrich Kalenberger born in Hall, applied to Emigrate Aug, 1805 in Wuerttemburg.
1832       Johann Gottfr Kallenberger b. 15 Apr 1786 in Ingersheim, applied to Emigrate Apr 1832 in Wuerttemburg.
13 Jul 1835 Jupiter Bremen Baltimore ?? Kalenberger, male, Farmer    
1836     Philadelphia? Jacob Kellenberger Probably the same Jacob who filed for naturalization in Philadelphia 30 Sep 1836
2 Jun 1845 Columbia La Havre New Orleans Anna Kellenberger, 40, from Switzerland
Anna, 21
Joseph, ??
12 Sep 1846 Burgundy Havre NY Caroline Kallenberger, 30, from Deutschland  
31 Dec 1846 Olaf Antwerp NY Benjn Kallenberger, 45, from Deutschland  
21 Mar 1847 Michigan Orleans New Orleans Jacob Kallinbuger, 39, from Germany
Margareth, 40
Jacob, 19
Anna, 10
Valentin, 9
Adam, 8
4 Nov 1848  Kepler Bremen Baltimore Joh. Kohlenberger, 27, male, from Nienburg  
22 Jul 1849 Columbiana Havre NY Anton Kohlenberger, 19, from France  
21 Apr 1849 St. Charles La Havre New Orleans Johann Kallenberger, 58, from Germany
Margaretha, 63
Daniel, 16
Elisabeth, 8
1850     NY ??? Kellenberger, 29  
1850       Christiane Marg. Kallenberger born 6 Jun 1850 in may be a daughter of the previous entry.
1851     Panama Mr. Kellenberger  
2 Sep 1851 Baltimore Bremen NY Maria Kellenberger, 24, from Germany  
12 Sep 1851 Magain Liverpool NY Edward Kellenberger, 42, from Germany  
14 Jun 1852 Germania La Havre, France New York Louise Kallenberger, 28, from Bavaria  
1853       Johann Gottfr Kallenberger born 25 Sep 1829 in Ingersheim. Applied for Emigration in Wuerttemburg Sep 1853
1854       John U. Kellenberger Filed for naturalization in Illinois.
24 Jul 1854 Sea Nymph Liverpool NY Jacob Killenberger, 59, from Germany, destined for Elizabethtown, NY.  
4 Aug 1854 Regulator La Havre, France New York C. Kellenberger, male, 22, from Baden  
1854       Johann Christian Kellenberger born 30 Sep 1836 in Kleiningersheim and applied to Emigrate Sep 1854 in Wuerttemburg. May be brother of next entry Andreas.
22 Dec 1854 Sarah Park La Havre, France New York Andreas Kellenberger, 22, from Baden This may be Andreas Michael Kellenberger, referred to in another database as born 22 Feb 1830 in Kleiningersheim and applied to Emigrate Sep 1854 in Wuerttemburg
26 Dec 1854  Hermine Bremen NY Anton Kalenberger, 24, from Kleinlegerstrern, destined for Ohio.
Christian, 18
9 Jun 1856 Betty Bremen NY Gents Kallenberger, male, 24, from Germany  



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