Finnens in Harrisburg, PA City Directories 1860-1890

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Address 1860 1863 1867 1869 1871 1872 1875 1876 1877 1878 1879 1880 1882 1883 1884 1885 1886 1887 1888 1889 1890
South al. n. Spruce Michael-h South al. n. Spruce
South n. Cowden Patrick-h William South n. Cowden
ditto William-h ditto
512 South (E. South) William-h William-h William-h William-r William-r William-L William-h William-h William-h William-h William-h William-h William-h William-h William-h 512 South (E. South)
ditto Michael-h Michael-bd ditto
ditto James-bd ditto
1212 Cowden Jno-r 1212 Cowden
This is a
E. State n. Spruce John-h John-h John business E. State n. Spruce
State n. Cowden John-h directory. State n. Cowden
509 State  John-h No Finnens Michael-h Michael-h Michael-h Michael-h 509 State 
ditto Sarah-h ditto
ditto (wid Wm.) ditto
508 Showers av. Cath w/J-h 508 Showers av.
ditto James L.-h ditto
ditto John T.-h ditto
Showers av. S. Tuscarors Mrs.Cath-r Showers av. S. Tuscarors
ditto James L.-bd ditto
ditto Jno T.-bd ditto
1609 Logan av. Ellie-h 1609 Logan av.
Hamiltons Brick Yd. Catharine-h Hamiltons Brick Yd.
ditto (wid James) ditto
Sixth cor. Broad Patrick-bd Sixth cor. Broad
Broad cor. N. Sixth Patrick-bd Broad cor. N. Sixth
Broad cor. Sixth James-bd Broad cor. Sixth
ditto Patrick-bd ditto
111 N. 3d Kate-dom 111 N. 3d
16th n. Herr James-h 16th n. Herr
478 S. Cameron Ellen-h Ellen-h Ellen-h 478 S. Cameron
ditto (wid Mich) (wid Mich) (wid Mich) ditto
ditto William-h James-h James-h ditto
ditto William-h William-h ditto
478 S. 11th Ellen-h Ellen-h Ellen-h Ellen-h 478 S. 11th
ditto (wid John) (wid Mich) (wid Mich) (wid Mich) ditto
ditto William-h William-h ditto
Eleventh n. Paxton Michael-h Michael-h Michael-h Ellen-h Ellen-h Eleventh n. Paxton
ditto (wid Mich) (wid Mich) ditto
11th n. Canal Michael 11th n. Canal
11th n. Lurr Michael-h 11th n. Lurr
11th n. P & RR Michael-r Michael-h 11th n. P & RR
11th n. Kittatinny Michael-r Michael-h James-h James-h James-h James-h 11th n. Kittatinny
414 S. 11th James-h James-h James-h 414 S. 11th
414 S. Cameron James-h 414 S. Cameron
446 S. Cameron James-h James-h 446 S. Cameron
Parke Hotel Patrick-bd Parke Hotel
318 N. 2d Katie-dom 318 N. 2d
713 North Michael-h Michael-h Michael-h Michael-h Michael-h Michael-h 713 North
North n. Penna Av. Michael-h North n. Penna Av.
North al. n. Filbert Catharine North al. n. Filbert
ditto (wid James) ditto
North n. Commerce Michael North n. Commerce
West al. n. North Catharine West al. n. North
ditto ditto
North bet.Filbert & Canal Michael-h North bet.Filbert & Canal
1878 1880
1408 Susq. ab Colder Patrick-h 1408 Susq. ab Colder
1314 Susquehanna John-h 1314 Susquehanna
Susquehanna ab Colder James-h Susquehanna ab Colder
ditto Patrick-h ditto
Susquehanna bel Reily John-h Susquehanna bel Reily
1408 Susquehanna Patrick-r James-h James-h 1408 Susquehanna
ditto James-bd Patrick-h ditto
1416 Susquehanna James-h 1416 Susquehanna
1412 Susquehanna Patrick-h Patrick-h James-h James-h James-h James-h 1412 Susquehanna
ditto Patrick-h Patrick-h Patrick-h Patrick-h ditto
1410 Susquehanna James-h James-h 1410 Susquehanna