The Family of Sylvan Downey - son of Eleazer Downey and Elizabeth Worley

it seems this family is not related to the Perry County, Ohio Downeys, but they are Ohio Downeys. Bill Bronsch, who found these in a Spokane, WA antique dealers shop, sent these to me Nov 2003. Caption is what is written on the rear - followed by Photographer name and location.

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Uncle Sylvan Downey and his wife Aunt Florence (wedding photo). Dorothea - you were in their house in Ill where you had pheumonia in 1916 and Auntie was so good to you. L. E. Kratzer, 219 Silver St., Lebanon, OH. M. A. Downey Photographer info cut off.
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Nora Town. Sister of Elnathan Town Miller, Mason City, IL J. B. Downey. Taken Nov 1887 C. F. West, Lincoln, IL
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Left to Right; Standing - Celia J. Downey, Charlie Downey, Sylvan E. Downey, Sitting, left to right - William F. Downey, George P. Downey, John Brown Downey, taken probably about 1868. Family of Eleazer and Elizabeth Downey, taken in Ohio. Photographer info not shown. Grandfather and Grandmother Downey. Tin. 
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John B. Downey Tin. Fairy (Alice 2nd) Downey, age 19. 1890 Tin.