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Orphan Court Records, taken from History of the Ditto Families
by Robert Shean Riley

1. Pennsylvania Records.

(a) Extract of Orphan Court Docket, Book C, 29 May 1772, York County. Page 67.

CAME into Court Casper White, Administrator of all and singular the Goods and Chattels, Rights and Credits which were of Barbara Deeto, Deceased, and produced an Account of his Administration on the Estate of the said Deceased as settled with the Register of this County whereby there appears to be a rallance of the said Estate in the said Administrator's Hands of the sum of sixty-one Pounds, fourteen Shillings, and seven Pence, which being examined by the Court, it appeared that the said Administrator had been charged with two Articles twice in the said Account amounting to the sum of five Pounds and four Shillings, which being deducted from the former Ballance, Reduces
it to the sum of fifty-five Pounds, seventeen Shillings, and ten Pence, which is the Ballance remaining in the hands of the said Administrator, which being allowed of by the Court. It is hereupon Ordered and Decreed: That the said Administrator pay unto John Deeto the sum of twelve Pounds, eight shillings and four Pence half-penny in full for his two shares of the said Balance as eldest Son of the said Deceased; That he pay unto Jacob, Francis, Joseph, Peter, Anthony, Catherine, and Mary Deeto Jacob, or to the Guardians of such of them as are Minors, the sum of six Pounds, four Shillings, and two Pence farthing in full for their respective shares of said Ballance which, with the Costs of this Court, is the full amount of the Ballance in the said Administrator's Hands.

May the 29, 1772. Present Martin Eichelberger, David W. Conaughy, and Joseph Updegraff, Esquires, Justices &c. assigned &c.

(b) Orphan's Court Docket #7, 26 October 1818, Cumberland County, Pennsylvania. Page 93.

Came into court John Musselman of Allen Twp., Cumberland County, Pa., and preferred a petition to the court therein setting forth that the petitioner has lately been appointed guardian over the person and estate of Joseph Deado, a minor above the age of 14 years and that it is inconvenient to attend to said trust and prays court to accept his resignation as guardian. Court accepted.

(c) Orphan's Court Docket #7, 26 October 1818, Cumberland County, Pennsylvania. Page 93.

Came into court Joseph Deado, a minor above the age of 14 years, son of John Deado, late of Lisburn in Allen Twp., deceased, and prayed the court to permit him to make a choice of some substitute person as guardian over his person and estate in room of John Musselman who resigned. Whereupon Jacob Beelman being nominated is approved.

(d) Orphan's Court Docket #7,14 September 1819, Cumberland County, Pennsylvania. Page 152.

Came into court Patrick Laverty, acting administrator of the estate of John Deado, late of Allen Twp., Cumberland Co., deceased, and produced an account of his administration of said estate. The accountant has overpaid $2.31½

(e) Orphan's Court Docket #10, 12 September 1835, Cumberland County, Pennsylvania. Page 12.

Petition of Patrick Laverty, administrator of all goods and chatties of Margaret Deado, late of the Borough of Mechanicsburg, Cumberland County, Pa., who died intestate leaving 10 children, all of full age to wit:

1. John Deado
2. Joseph Deado
3. Elizabeth intermarried with Jacob Beelman
4. Catharine intermarried with Christian Zerby
5. Sarah intermarried with Philip Gusler
6. Mary intermarried with Andrew Brough
7. Hannah Barky
8. Rachel Thornburgh
9. Margaret intermarried with Andrew Mumper
10. Ann intermarried with Patrick Laverty

Said Margaret died seized as of fee of a lot of ground containing 3 1/2 acre in Allen Twp., Cumberland Co., . . . having thereon erected a 2-story log house and stable which is the only real estate of said intestate and that the personal estate of hers is insufficient for payment of debts. . . . prays court to order a sale of house and lot to pay debts. Whereupon court ordered the house and lot sold at public vendue on the premises on Saturday, October 24th next at 12:00 . . . .

(f) Orphan's Court Docket #10, 1 December 1835, Cumberland County, Pennsylvania. Page 29.

Patrick Laverty reported that he sold the house and lot on Oct. 24th last to David Eberly for $250.29, he being the highest bidder.

2. Ohio Records.

(a) From Unknown Source.
We can't be certain yet, but it is likely that Jacob Ditto, 1760-1826, [and] Joseph, 1762-1834, that are buried in Perry County, Ohio, are the above sons of Barbara Deeto. You also mentioned a Francis Ditto, born 1758 (who was in the Revolutionary War and was a brother to Joseph, born 1762). John Ditto, whose records appear on a separate page, died Nov. 13, 1816, and his age is given as 58 years, 1 month and 19 days, which would put his birth at circa Sept. 1758, presuming the dates are correct. There is an Anthony Ditto listed as a freeman (aged 21 years and above so he would have to have been born, at the latest, 1780) in Conowago Twp., Adams Co., for 1801.
The names of the children of Barbara Deeto, above, seems to fit so closely to the names that you have.




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